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Services Acumen Project Funding  

Each project is different, from small to (very) large. Every single major project presents a different set of unique needs, requirements and objectives. Acumen acts as a member of your own team; together we assess and meet these needs, objectives and potential challenges. Acumen holds a solution-orientated approach that focuses on delivering.

Our services: 

  • Unique and special alternative project finance;
  • Funding structures through regulated transnational asset managers via international banks;
  • Facilitation of funding for approved projects;
  • Equity and/or Joint Venture partnership alternatives.

Each project is assessed on a case-by-case basis and to ensure compliance with international banking standards, banking regulations and treaties.

Financial or funding services are not offered in the United States or to U.S. residents, companies or other U.S. entities at the current time.

Acumen Project Funding does not provide legal or taxation advice. Every person or company should seek professional advice if needed.