Criteria Acumen

Criteria Acumen Project Funding  

Each project has a custom nature. All projects undergo detailed scrutiny before going ahead with funding and further development. Policies, standards, rules and regulations, laws and requirements need to be complied to before the sign goes green. Acumen Project Funding wields the following criteria: 

General Criteria:

  • A minimum project size of €/$ 500M; 
  • Confidential, selective;
  • Non-public, no market promotion. 

Qualifying criteria:

  • Acceptable project feasibility and risk profile;
  • Acceptable location and type of profile;
  • Acceptable client / corporation profile / directors;
  • Investor must provide at least 20% cash equity.
    • For a project size of €/$ 500M is the deposit €/$ 100M.


We require essential documentation for formal analyses, assessment and bank compliance, e.g.:

  • Non Disclosure Agreement;
  • Executive summary business plan;
  • Client Information Sheet, incl. passport copies of authorised Director’s;
  • A corporate profile;
  • Proof of Funds.

Upon receipt of the above documentation, and if acceptable, we will provide an indicative offer on possible cooperation.